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♡ ben ♡ he/she ♡ 21 ♡

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im maxime yitzhak but you can call me max, ben or ike:-)!
i'm bisexual, nonbinary, a white jew, and also very epic
i like video games, coding, and my bf!


my biggest interests are these! hover for info ^_^

i also like html/css coding (obviously), digital art, and collecting figures & artbooks!

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minecraft skins

here r a few of my minecraft skins i've made! these are only my ocs or skins of myself, but ive made a few skins of characters as well :D

cool videos ^_^

music i like!

first playlist has music by my favorite musician, jordan witzigreuter/involving him, second one is a general playlist of stuff i like ^_^

i also like 2010s emo/scene/metalcore, basically hot topic music ^_^ it's integral to my personality lol. i am too embarrassed to put a full playlist w/ that stuff on here though