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spring cleaning

finally cleaning up the worst part of my room which has been plagueing me for over a year. feels good but it's gonna be a lot of work

posted 3/4/2021


i love my bf ^_^ so so much

posted 3/1/2021


its always so jarring and frustrating to see people from your past who've hurt you and others gain popularity and legitimacy. it makes me feel genuinely ill

posted 2/11/2021

chronic pain update!

i've had this impossible-to-diagnose/treat chronic pain for over 6 years now, and i was recently prescribed an arthritis gel for it and i think it actually works. this is the first thing that has EVER given me relief (outside of heavy narcotics). so this is like, a CRAZY revelation for me. i am a bit incredulous, honestly! i feel amazing about it though and im constantly knocking on wood that this isnt like, a dream or hallucination lol

posted 2/10/2021

new vegas time:)

my bf and i are playing fallout new vegas together! its his first time n i am soo excited for him!! it's one of my favorite games and i'm having so much fun i love it so much... its been over a year since i last played it and i forgot how much i missed it lol

posted 2/6/2021


i didnt do a lot today but i am determined to finish this art im working on, and also i'm about to schedule an appointment to possibly get on t! im nervous but i've been putting it off for over 2 years now and i just want to take that first step ^_^

posted 2/1/2021

first entry:-)

i finally put together a journal page:D! i dont really have anything to say other than that i love eli and i am really happy :-)! my bf is the most epic person on the planet

posted 1/30/2021