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the epic art above is by mads atomicgothic!

about this site

my name is max (or ben) and this is my personal/art website! u can learn more about me here! click here for my journal page where i sometimes ramble!

this site exists so that i can push my coding skills, and also as a place for me to dump art and other content! i'm constantly updating, so follow my profile to be notified when i do! to navigate my site, you can view the full sitemap here.

the number of updates on my profile are really high because i save religiously ^_^. also, i love making friends! feel free to follow me on my social medias (linked in the sidebar under "links").

general notes

please do not talk to me about joseph joestar or jjba part 2. it is a big trigger for me.

this is not a safe space for p*do apologists ("anti-antis"), racists, homo/transphobes, antisemites, etc. lgbt discourse is tiring. do not bring it to my website. also, i am an adult. i don't mind minors interacting w/ me, but keep this in mind when doing so.