commissions info!

i am currently offering commissions! click here to view my twitter post!


i am very liberal with my pricing and i am willing to work with you on it! for extra characters, double the price (unless character is very simple or is an animal/pet, then we can discuss no problem! ^_^)
WILL DRAW: furries (possible upcharge!), pda/kissing (again, possible upcharge!), ocs (preferably with reference, but i can draw if given enough info!)
WON'T DRAW: anything from a source that is actively hateful/harmful, hate speech/symbols, nsfw, gore. i have a right to refuse any commission for any reason, especially if it makes me uncomfortable.
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pixel art

$5-$10 per character depending on complexity

line art

bust waist 3/4ths full body
$5 $7 $10 $15
will send the .psd upon request for coloring purposes! ^_^

full color

bust waist 3/4ths full body
$10 $15 $20 $25

painted busts

$20+ depending on complexity! i am currently only offering busts in my painted style! it's time consuming and not something i want to do on a large scale often ^_^

contact info


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(dms are open to anyone!^_^)


i almost never check dA though :(

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